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Reaching Out

This 21st century of ours has created a society that tends to reach out in electronic ways – telling personal stories on social media, texting a quick message to a friend or family member, and describing details of their lives in emailed blogs. How can you take full advantage of this electronic age we’re in to reach more people? Let’s take a look.

Take a Look-See

People get pummeled with email. Everyday we hear “You’ve Got Mail!” over and over again. We pitch this one and that one. We don’t want our own marketing messages to go into the trash, though.. So how can we create subject lines that keep our potential customers opening those email messages? And get this – they say that nearly half of the people out there open a message because of the subject line. That sounds super important then, so let’s take a look-see.

So Many Problems

Not all of life’s problems are computer-related, even though sometimes it might seem so.  What are the most prevalent problems that distract us from what we want to do - or even need to do?  And what can we do about them so that we can get back on the path to...

Oh, Yawn!

You run out of time. You stifle the yawns. Oh, well – you’ll go to bed late, again You need to get this and that done. No big deal, right? Wrong. So, let’s take a minute to find out what a lack of sleep can do to you.

Catching Their Eyes

If you want to get someone’s attention, start with the eyes. Sure, it can be done with a picture – like this one – isn’t that a beauty of a car? – but it goes above that. Write an eye-catching subject line so potential customers will be sure to open the email message.

Conversation Starters

Customers are people you don’t know yet.  In order to start that association, a remark must be made.  If you make a comment that makes someone feel better at that moment, you create a connection that may turn into more.  How do you connect with others? By learning...

Advertising by Video

Many companies use videos to advertise their products and services.  Perhaps that’s something that you would like to do to promote your business.  Let’s take a look at five tips about advertising by video so you’ll have a more successful campaign.  ...

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