Support. Training. Community.

Since the very beginning of Online Sales Pro, (many years ago…) we’ve worked super hard to maintain the highest standard of customer support. We want our support to be as awesome as our userbase. Along this journey we have learned a ridiculous amount of tips and tricks. We’re about to share some with you. Let’s jump right in!

Conversations. Chats.

Opening up a direct line of communication with your customers is crucial. Respond quickly, personally, and be proactive. Our support team is available to help out live via chat, or through email support. We answer each and every ticket, and do so ASAP. Every. Single. One.

Be Timely.

Perfect segway! Just like OSP’s software tool which helps you be timely with your leads, our support is timely ⏰ We want to help you out right away. If our team has to research a request, or something specific on your account we will provide you updates and let you know we’re on it.

Product Experts.

Our support team knows their stuff. They won’t talk too techie with inbound questions, but break down the bells and whistles of the system in simple, easy to understand conversations. The level of knowledge on the product for each member of our support team is rock solid, and helps with any questions that come our way.

Welcome to the Family.

Going the extra mile. Aiming for above and beyond. Our support team strives to treat each member of Online Sale Pro as a member of our OSP family. We want you to win! We’re here to help answer questions, clarify, and send you off in the right direction whether it’s by providing a support article to help, or explain a feature over chat live. We’re here for you and appreciate you! Reach out to us from your OSP dashboard or email us! Don’t forget to also get involved with our community on Facebook

P.S. The pic in this post is from a team lunch at one of our local spots, Poco & Mom’s with fresh hatch chiles we’re addicted to…