Social media video marketing is the way to go in 2018.  Video marketing has been growing rapidly for a while now and if you’re still hesitating, this is the year to jump on board the video train. It’s a big part of social media, with even Facebook pushing for more and more video content. Video is here to stay.

Video is allowed on nearly all social sites, from the 6 second Vines and 10 second snaps on Snapchat to the longer videos allowed on Facebook and YouTube. Every phone these days has the capability of taking video, which means there is really no excuse not to use this type of digital marketing.

Myths About Videos

You may be held back by one of these common online video myths, so let’s just debunk them right now.

You need high quality production to impress. This is actually the opposite of true. Customers love to see real videos, so grab the phone and start recording. While an actual video ad should probably be done professionally, every other type of video you share to social sites can be low cost and basic.

No one watches company videos. Again, untrue. If you post boring videos, no one will watch, it doesn’t matter whether you are a famous YouTuber or a company. However, if you post interesting videos, you’ll see plenty of sharing and views. The social aspect is the most important part of this, however, so be sure to let people know about your videos.

Videos take a lot of time to make. Not necessarily. If you’re editing and adding special effects, etc. then it’s possible that they will take some time, but the fact is, even basic videos do well. A single scene, shot on your phone can be just as effective as a fancier, edited video.

Types of Video Marketing

Did you know that more than half of consumers jump online to check out a video of a product before they buy? That means, if you don’t have a video out there, you’re not able to control what they find when they search. Video marketing can take many forms, so the first decision you’ll need to make is which type of video will you make?

1. Advertisement

This is a blatant ad. You’ll want top quality copywriting for the script and it should be professionally done. Ads can be expensive and often, your consumers will skip over obvious sales videos if they are looking for more information.

2. How-to/Tutorial

People want to know how they can use your product, so it makes sense to show them a video of the item in use. This can actually work for services, as well. Just show potential clients how easy it is to use your service.

How-to videos don’t need to stick to the basic uses for your product or service. Poll your previous customers to get unique ideas for using what you offer. Thinking outside the box can help you sell more units. For example, if you offer a letter writing service, you might show how a company could make use of it to send out handwritten notes to clients, or you could show how a celebrity might respond to fan mail.

3. Versus

This type of video pits two different products against each other. Most of these videos are done by YouTubers, but you can do it yourself, either with a competing product or with two of your own products. It also works well with a previous version vs. a new version and can be a great way to show the changes you’ve made in your new release.

4. Real Life Tests

If you’ve ever seen ads where a computer is shot or dunked in water before being used, you have seen a real life test video. While many of these types of video marketing are done by users, there’s no reason a company can’t do it themselves. Do you have a product that is known for being tough? Put it through its paces on video and post it on social media. It will likely attract viral attention.

5. Contests and Giveaways

Planning a giveaway? Make sure you do a video on it, rather than just a text post. This is more likely to get shared and since free stuff is a big draw, it could very well go viral. Every single contest or giveaway should include video, both for the announcement and for the big reveal.

Each of these videos is a hot commodity on social media, so make sure you post them to all your social sites. Encourage people to share and subscribe at the end of the video.