Online marketing for small biz often involves social media and of these Instagram is one of the top sites for visual marketing. Instagram works for nearly everything, from fashion to appliances and everything in between. Whatever your business, if you can showcase it in photos, you can market on Instagram.

Make Your Photos Notable

The first thing to note when adding images to the site is that the images shown are square. Rectangular pictures can be cropped, but it’s simplest to take square photos, which is usually an available setting on most cameras and phones. Taking a square image from the start ensures nothing vital is cut out.

Proper image focus is also important. Use the rule of thirds to create visually pleasing images. This involves dividing the screen into thirds vertically and horizontally. Points of interest should be on the intersections of these lines.

While Instagram has plenty of filters, they can send mixed messages if you’re using all of them. Choose a “look” for your photos and stick to it for all your photos. You may even want to use photo editor to create a better filter.

Use Videos to Create Interest

Instagram also allows for very short videos, which can help your branding. What part of your process would followers be interested in? Can you show this in a short video?

Adding a short video to your feed from time to time will draw more interest and can increase visibility. While Instagram is still primarily photographic, a little movement is often welcomed. It’s also a great way to show some of the more difficult things from your business.

How to Become Popular

Popularity on Instagram is surprisingly easy to reach. While there are scammers, as with any platform, you can rise above them by leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s images. Join groups of likeminded people and share your content with them.

Cross-promotion is also a good way to expand your reach. Connect your other social media accounts to Instagram and post your photos everywhere. It’s best not to post every image to all social media platforms, if you want to build a following on Instagram. Leave them something to check out on your account.

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