This colorful code with all of its letters and symbols tells a computer what to do.  Your priorities set your mind in gear and quite frankly are predictors of your success.  Online Sales Pro provides the tools – or the code – for your business to do well, as long as you make that your priority.  Let’s look at more about this.

What Is Your Priority Today?

Make a list. Write down everything you must do – personal, family, business – write it all down.  Now take a look at the list and determine what must be done TODAY.  When you MUST do something, put a number by it with #1 being the most important.  If something doesn’t warrant a number, then perhaps it can be put on tomorrow’s list – or for one next week.  Be sure to include exercise – physically and mentally.

  • PHYSICAL. Work out at the gym – or do an exercise routine at home.  Eat properly.
  • MENTAL.  Play games.  Do puzzles. Read books.  Attend workshops or trainings. Challenge yourself to think beyond the norm.
  • PONDER.  Get outside. Sit quietly for 15 minutes and focus.  Listen to music.

What Is Your Priority Tomorrow?

Plan in advance.  Think of what you won’t get done today and put it on tomorrow’s list.  There’s hopefully always another tomorrow, so if you don’t get it done tomorrow, then add it to the list for tomorrow’s tomorrow.  What’s important is to set a plan toward your goal and aim for it.  For instance, if you are working to build your customer base, then attend one of OSP’s Lives on Facebook and learn more about building a list.  Aim for a goal you can accomplish in a few days rather than struggling with the details of a year-end goal.  By breaking that larger goal into smaller steps, you can manage the journey better. Don’t just plan your todays, but also plan your tomorrows. 

What Is Your Priority This Week?

What would you like to accomplish by the end of the week?  Plan it out, day by day.  Start your week on any day you wish.  Perhaps you’ll start it on Monday and end it on Sunday.  Maybe you’ll be less conventional and start your day on Wednesday to have a shorter work week, splitting it in two.  Perhaps you do more of your online business work during the weekend, so start your week on Friday.  Whenever it starts, make a plan, a priority, to get at least one goal reached by the end of the week.  Think of the cogs and wheels that will get you to that goal, a task at a time, and plan those out a day at a time.

What Is Your Priority This Month?

You’ve got 12 months to reach that year-end goal, so figure out what stepping stone you will reach during each of those months.  Planning those will make that goal seem more obtainable to you. Along the way, you may tweak the various tasks, but make sure that each month has a purpose, has a priority, and that every week gets you closer to the goal.

Once you have determined what your year-end goal is, set your priorities to tell you what needs to be done today, tomorrow, this week, and beyond. Those priorities you have will predict your success.  Keep track of your accomplishments and celebrate each completed task.  With your list of things to do, let us at Online Sales Pro help you get there!