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With a Goal in Mind

Goals keep you focused, and step by step, you aim toward success. So if that’s the case, what steps must be taken in order to get where you want to be and do what you want to do? Let’s take a look.

Where Did the Day Go?

Time stops for nobody, so It’s up to you to maintain your schedule, making the most of your days. Some days seem to go by quickly – Saturday and Sunday, in particular – and we all tend to scramble to get caught up when we’re back to work on Monday. How can we manage our time better, so that can get everything done?

Happy Labor Day!

It’s ironic that we don’t work when we celebrate Labor Day! Shouldn’t it be called Un-Labor Day? Actually the history behind it tells more of the story. We have parades and picnics, barbecues and baseball games, to honor those in the labor movement of yesteryear. The holiday was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor. These folks laid the foundation for the American economy to prosper and to promote fair work hours for an honest wage. We thought you might enjoy some tidbits from tradition and culture to help you celebrate this federal holiday even more.

Try, Try, Try Again

Oops. That sure didn’t work. Back to the drawing board to figure out another way to add an enhanced brick design to this wall. Just look at this mess! Sometimes a solid attempt turns into a solid failure. Something goes wrong. One crucial part of the process was forgotten. Maybe a piece breaks along the way. When the whole wall crumbles like this, it’s hard to feel like trying all over again. Instead, people are often immersed in feelings of self-doubt, frustration, and regret. What do we need to turn all of this around and M-O-V-E forward?

Just Wait a Minute

Many swear by multitasking. While doing one thing, a person can save time by doing several other things simultaneously. Some researchers claim that our brains really cannot multitask and that by juggling several things, we’re not doing any one thing very well. What a shame when we can get much more done in every minute of our day when we can do more with each minute. So let’s find out what prominent neuroscientists say.

I’ve Got a Secret!

There’s nothing more contagious than a secret! We all want to hear it. We want to see if it’s something we already know or if it’s some new intriguing detail! And of course, as soon as someone says, “Don’t tell anyone!” — there are very few people who can resist. Now there’s a strategy for your business. Sometimes in order to get the word out, you need to be hush-hush about it. Or maybe not. Let’s find out which way works with you.

Tag >> You’re It!

Whether sending emails to colleagues, business associates, or potential customers, how can you have more fun in your email interactions with them? Let’s take a look at the elements of a successful email and see how we can spin a little more fun when crafting these.

Battery Recharge

How do we get tapped and sapped? When we try to do too much of anything, those high levels deplete our power source. Let’s see what Mr. Lego says are the common activities that trigger the need for a recharge. His research goes beyond the levels you may expect – work, worry, and money woes. You may be surprised by his findings.

That’s It. I quit!

Some days are just so frustrating that you may just want to quit. It seems as though the farther you think you’re ahead, the more behind you really are. How can you pull yourself out of this rut, so you don’t quit? Instead of saying something you can’t erase or doing something you’ll later regret, let’s find some quick fixes for a bad mood and gloomy perspective.

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