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Being Mindful

People talk about mindfulness being an ideal state of consciousness. What is it? Those in the know call it the basic ability we all have to live in the present tense. To be aware of where we are and what we’re doing. To be in the moment with a mild approach to the details – not overreacting or perhaps not reacting at all. This practice sounds like it would also be good for business, so let’s find out more about it.

Stay Calm

We all deal with challenges, misadventures, and backfires in our walk through life. Sometimes the stress and strain of it all can veer us off course, so that we say and do things that would be better not said and done. In order to think beyond the details of life, some suggest meditation as a way to quiet the mind. Once considered as only a practice for yogis and religious leaders, meditation has become a popular way to engage in reflection and contemplation. Let’s take a closer look at the use of concentrated focus to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.

Current Info

We all base our decisions on information we have on hand. What if that information is not current? We could make some wrong turns with our business if the information we have is ROT – Redundant, Out-of-date, or Trivial. Of the three, the one that is the most detrimental to wise decision-making is when information is out-of-date. How can we find the most current information, especially when our search is on the Internet?

Working from Home

One of the luxuries and benefits of having your own business is that you often can work outside of a stereotypical business office.  Some entrepreneurs rent a space working alongside people who work for various companies. Others may save the rent money and camp out at...

Just the Facts, Ma’am

When people know that you have your own business, they often get curious. They want to know the facts about it. You can tell them your facts, or you can divert their attention by telling them these unusual facts about other businesses out there. Here are some facts you can tell.

Getting Spooked

People certainly enjoy this spooky holiday.  They’ll dress up their houses with skeletons and spider webs and lights.  Why? To scare off the little trick-or-treaters? Or perhaps everyone - way down deep - likes to get a little spooked.  This holiday has become the 2nd...

Reading for More

Remember when you were a kid, and learning to read was a big deal?  Most kids struggle over words that are spelled oddly or ones with too many syllables.  Perhaps that’s why it was such a milestone to be able to read beyond a picture book. When those little...

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