Say What? Talk It Up with a Helpful Human!

The nice thing about OSP Support is we are REAL humans.  No machines or bots here. We have human feelings and care about finding the best solution for our users. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

OSP Support is built on a team environment, with the overall goal to assist our users (and inquiring potential users) to better understand anything that may come up along the way.  Everyone pitches in to help here at OSP, but the Support Team consists of myself (Jordan), Alice, Kevin, and Rochelle.  We assist via LiveChat and by email. We will even jump on the phone if need be – however, we do prefer helping out over chat and email.  That allows us to send screenshots and links to help get you where you need to be.

Since we are REAL people, as much as we love helping, we have families that we like to spend time with, and we like to think they enjoy our company as well. That is where the Support Center can really come into play.

Our OSP Support Center is located at  With over 170 articles there, there is a great chance the answer to your question will be found with the click of a button.  In fact, 97% of our emails or chats include a link to an article in the Support Center.  That’s how good it is!

No matter the time, rain or shine, you will be able to get an answer to your OSP question.  During normal business hours you will get to talk with a member of our team, but during non-business hours (or even during!), you can access the Support Center to find your answer.  No matter the case, we pride ourselves with the ability to assist and look forward to doing so.  

-Jordan Mikals, Head of Customer Support – Team Online Sales Pro