How to Make Your Landing Page Irresistible

Technically, a landing page is any page on your website that people can land on, but when we’re discussing lead generation, it usually refers to a very specific page. Your landing page has one goal that  is aimed at a very specific audience. Unfortunately, most people have difficulty writing copy that will actually convert their visitors. The following method will help you create a page that actually works.

In its most basic form, your landing page will be made up of a strong headline, the sales copy, and a bold call to action. It’s simple if you break it down.

Choose Your Purpose

The first step in creating a page that will convert is to decide on the page’s purpose. It should have only one specific purpose. For example, you may focus on getting visitors to sign up for something, buy something, or take action on something. Don’t muddy the waters with multiple actions, but just focus on one.

Write an Amazing Headline

The headline is the first thing people will see when they land on your page, so it needs to be strong enough to pull them in.

  • Keep it short and sweet (5-7 words is ideal), but use impactful wording. Ideally, the headline should convey a benefit to your readers. What are you offering and how can it help them?
  • Questions make excellent headlines, as well. If you do choose to ask a question, make sure the reader can’t just respond with yes or no and move on. It should be a question that sparks curiosity and gets them to read the main body text.

Create Your Body

Every irresistible sales page has a strong hook to start off with. It needs to reach out and grab the readers. Make sure they know exactly what to expect in the rest of the content. Often, starting with the end of a story, such as the success someone has enjoyed with your product or service, is a good way to grab someone. Asking questions will also help them move down the page.

The rest of the content doesn’t have to be lengthy or wordy. You just need enough to convince your readers to take action. If it’s something easy like signing up for a free trial or joining your email list so they can get a free book, shorter is better. The bigger the price tag, the more writing is acceptable.

  • Keep the body text to the point. It shouldn’t ramble or include non-relevant information.
  • Everything needs to be focused on that single purpose and the benefits it provides your readers. What are they going to get out of this? How are you going to make their lives better?

You’ll notice that many pages have videos on them, and this can be a terrific way to connect with your audience. You still need to include text, however, since not everyone will watch the video. After all, you don’t want anyone missing out on the information you have to provide.  Even if you just summarize the video in text, it will go a long way to boosting conversions.

Physical Elements of a Great Landing Page

  • While your copy needs to be amazing and well-written, the visual aspect also affects how well a page converts.
  • The colors should be easy to look at and the design simple, so as not to distract from your message.
  • Perhaps the most important factor is your Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Don’t be shy about it. Make sure people know exactly what they’re meant to do once they finish reading. This should be the largest element on your page.
  • Avoid adding any links to your landing page. Once you have someone on that page, you want them to do just one thing: take the chosen action.
  • There should be nothing to distract them or give them a reason to click away.
  • Images should be included to help break up the text. These can be unique to your offering or you can add more generic stock photos. Even graphs and such can help add visual interest without distracting.

Your landing page is an important part of your website . . . possibly the most important part. It pays to take the time to write it well and make sure it works. Keep tweaking it as needed until you’re seeing the conversion rates you want.