Here at Online Sales Pro, we’re always at home – and especially during the holidays.  During this season, we’ve been reflecting on you and how at home we all feel with our OSP family. We hope that your holidays are filled with friendship, family, and gratitude.   


During our five years, we’ve met many of you online – on Facebook, in LiveChat, by phone – and we’ve gotten to know you.  Some of you we’ve met face-to-face. You’ve gotten to know each other, too – friendships have been formed. We encourage that!  Use our Facebook page to reach out to others, to learn from each other, to encourage each other, to help grow your businesses together.  You know that we’re definitely here for you to help you along the way – as OSP friends!


Joel says it on his Facebook Lives and during his training sessions:  we’re family. Here at Online Sales Pro, we enjoy working with each other, an because of how closely we work together, we’re all like family. Every day we work is like coming home for us – and we hope you feel that way, too.  You are part of the OSP Family!  What does that mean?  Your successes are our successes – and we’re so proud of how well you are doing, every step of the way.


During the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all that we have in these lives of ours.  When we approach what we have with gratitude, does that ever freshen up the attitude!  We are grateful for all of you, all that we’ve learned, and what’s up ahead.  New features for OSP 2.0 include the New 2 Tier Comp Plan, the New Mobile App, New Online Marketing Trainer, Team Pages, New OSP funnels, and more!  We’ve all worked together to get to this point, and we’re grateful for everyone who has helped us to get here.  One thing is for certain:  we’re all excited about the new year!

Interested?  If you haven’t already done so, treat yourself during this holiday season to a boost for your business.  Get started with Online Sales Pro today and join our OSP Family.  Join us for the new year, learn what is here now, and find out what is beyond!  

As for season’s greetings, we wish you all the happiest of holidays seasons!  Join us to bring in 2019 and to celebrate friends and family with gratitude!  That is indeed what we all plan to do.