You Must Fail in Order to Succeed

I wanted to address something our users sometimes ask about. Many people are having enormous success with Online Sales Pro, getting crazy amounts of leads and enrolling people. But some are saying they are generating lots of leads but not enough enrollments.

Everyone wants to talk about success. But let’s talk about failure, and why it’s a good thing.

Are you failing right now? Congratulations, you’re on the road to success. Because success without failure has another name. It’s called LUCK.  And I don’t know about you but I don’t want to run my businesses based on luck.

This is what most people don’t understand. Failure is part of the equation. Failure is part of success. You cannot succeed without first failing. Unless of course, you stumble upon luck. So if you’re building a business, be prepared to fail. Fail often, fail hard. Get all that failure out of the way. The sooner you fail, the sooner you succeed.  Failure is like quantum physics. One of the most amazing things about quantum physics is that when you get to the smallest known particles that make up the universe, you cannot measure them without impacting the very thing you are measuring. For instance, you cannot measure where an electron is because as soon as you try, you will impact where that electron is. Quantum physics is built in to the fabric of the universe. (Yuuup! We know all sorts of stuff here. We educate ourselves always…)

Some things are just like that. You can’t measure the precise location of an electron; it’s just a law of physics. You cannot have light without dark; it’s a law of the universe. And you cannot have success without failure. They are tied together just like electrons in an atom. It’s all part of the same thing. You want to create light with that flashlight? You’ll have to do it in the dark, or else you can’t see the light beam. You want to lose weight? You know how to do it – diet and exercise – it’s not a mystery. You want to succeed? Failure is going to be built in.

You see, failure is not just something that happens when you don’t succeed…it is PART OF success.  Ask any pro athlete, any successful entrepreneur, any world-class performer. They have all tasted failure, and lots of it, on their path to success.

So learn to embrace failure. It’s how we learn what works. To succeed at whatever it is you want to do, you MUST know what does not work. Failure isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a good thing. If you knew how to succeed at your venture, you could just go execute. Success would be as easy as following a recipe. And you can do that, to some degree, by following the steps that others have used to succeed. Can you and should you emulate others who have succeeded? Yes, that’s great – a roadmap will help you. But everyone is different. Your circumstances are different than that leader you’re following. So use that roadmap as a guide, but start checking things off the list that don’t work for you. Keep doing that and you know what you will find? That list will grow and grow and grow. But eventually it will slow down. When that happens, when you have accumulated a long list of what doesn’t work, you will naturally begin on a new list – a list of what DOES work. You will eventually start failing to fail. And your success begins. So if you want to succeed, start failing. Count your failures. Laugh at your failures. They are just mileposts on the road to success. It need not be a long journey. But everyone goes down this road.

Run your business by my 7 Secrets of Failure:

1. Failure isn’t bad – it’s good. Expect it, laugh at it, move on.
2. Success without failure is just called luck.
3. Failure means you tried, and trying is 100x more valuable than stagnation.
4. The sooner you fail, the sooner you learn what works.
5. If you spend all your time figuring out how to avoid failure, you will never have time to succeed.
6. Emulate others but personalize the roadmap for yourself.
7. Success happens when you’re done failing, so you better get started.

Online Sales Pro can help you on this journey. Let’s accelerate down that road and watch the mileposts fly by. Start talking to people about the opportunity. The more the better, which is what OSP does for you.

Learn how to explain the opportunity. Learn what works for YOU. Talk to more people. Refine your skills. Shift gears, keep those mileposts going by. Learn where to post. Learn where you get the highest quality leads by trying different things. Fail, adjust, fail again, repeat. Make that list.

Online Sales Pro is a tool – it’s the vehicle on this road to success. We put you in the driver seat of this sports car, and it’s big-time powerful. You wouldn’t rev the engine with a smile on your face, point down that road, and get out of the car to give up if you stall it 500 feet down the road, would you? So let’s make you into a race car driver. Hop in the car. Rev that engine, because you have a destination. You might get the hang of it right away. Or you might need a little time. But you’ll get there.

And along the way, you will have failures. Congrats on those failures! You are ON YOUR WAY!

~Joel “Da Man” Kellman
Online Sales Pro