Building a fan base on Facebook (FB) can be a bit of an uphill struggle when you’re starting out. Even if your business is well known and gets some likes, it can be difficult actually to get people to engage and interact with the page. While you can certainly have small business sales with little interaction, it’s those comments and shares that really get things moving.

While there’s no set number of interactions you should see at any given level of likes, it’s important to get some interaction. Check out your page’s Insights to get a better idea of your engagement levels.

The actual posts that your audience interacts with will depend greatly on who they are and what they’re interested in. Photographers will tend to like images or how-to videos more than people who are interested in blogging tips, for example. Tailor your posts to your audience, but make sure you are looking at the statistics, too.

Types of FB Posts to Create

Ready to get your audience actively participating on your page? Here are some posts that are sure to get them interested.

1 – Name Something

People love to help out, so ask them for ideas to name your new product. You can post a photo of the product and get people to submit ideas. This is a great way to promote something that isn’t out yet and to let your audience feel like they’re part of the process.

2 – Choose A or B

Get your audience to participate by showing them two options in a photo and asking them which they prefer. They’ll feel that they must give you their opinions, and you’ll see more engagement on these types of posts.

3 – Contests

Offer a prize and encourage people to share the post. If your prize is a good one, with high perceived value, you should see a drastic increase in shares and likes. Something tangible is often best.

4 – Videos

Post a video, and it immediately engages your audience. This can either be a shared video, one you made yourself, or it could be a Facebook Live. Since Live videos are posted once you’re done recording, they can be a great way to get your followers involved.

5 – Trivia Questions

Ask your followers a trivia question that relates to your niche and watch them try and answer it. Who doesn’t love to show off their knowledge? Include an image or make the trivia question the image to catch everyone’s attention.

6 – Emotional Posts

Don’t be afraid to share emotional and interesting things on your page. Your followers will enjoy learning that there is a human behind the company. Emotional posts could include a throwback image from your past, a post about a new member or the team, or a story about someone who is sick and asking for good wishes and positive thoughts.

7 – Crowdsourcing Answers

Post a question that you’ve recently received from a fan and request help from your audience in responding. Everyone is eager to offer their advice when it comes to crowdsourcing answers. Take advantage of this need to be right, and get them talking on your page.


Boosting small business sales with quality posts that get people talking can take some practice, but it’s worth the effort put in. Captivate your audience with great posts, and you’ll see an increase in website traffic and sales.