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Someone passed along the book.  A quick read! Such a wonderful story.  The book was read and then given to another person.  In a nutshell, that’s what referrals are all about. Someone is impressed with a product or service and wants to tell everyone about it.  So how can you harness this enthusiasm for your business so that each customer brings another one to you? Let’s take a look at some strategies that work well.


As a society, we’re not always quick to thank others with specific details. Instead, we’ll nonchalantly say, “Hey, thanks!” and then forget to tell the person the what, why, and how of our thanks.  Nothing really sinks in then for the other person. It’s best to be specific. For instance, you could thank someone for a referral by giving both the new customer and the potential customer a discount – or a free gift – or even money. People like to be thanked – and happy customers will bring more to the door.  Appreciation inspires referrals.


Some companies have referral programs.  When a new customer is linked with another’s account, that person gets paid.  Perhaps that’s not what you can afford to do with your business, so how else can you motivate others to talk about your products and services?  Perhaps you could have a contest. The winner will have provided the largest number of unique and genuine reasons for being a loyal customer of yours.  Ask to use those comments and you’ll have the makings of your next advertising campaign. The prize? Perhaps an Amazon gift card or movie tickets. People love a contest!   Motivation inspires referrals.


Here at Online Sales Pro, Joel sends an alert to let you know when there’s a Facebook Live. There he is – talking to us, sharing tips and techniques, broadcasting changes that are coming up or already in place.  He makes comments and asks questions – and those who are online with him often post responses. Engagement! His approach inspires that. What else happens during those Facebook Lives? A chance to compete for swag – an OSP cap or shirt or something else of value.  Some of you don’t miss a single Live – just in case you’ll be the lucky winner. Engagement inspires referrals.