Facebook is one of the top social media sites when it comes to online marketing for small biz. You have several options for marketing on the site, but today we’ll be looking at using Facebook Events.

You can create an event from your business page and invite people from your friends list, promote it on your page or even use paid advertising to grow the number of people on your Events page. Once you have them there, how do you get them to sign up for your email list?

Convert Fans to Subscribers

You now have a bunch of people eager to attend your event (which can be anything from a webinar or online class to a “party” or new product release), and you want them to sign up for your list. A simple way to accomplish this is to just ask. Put a link to your email list and tell everyone to sign up.

This method is more effective if you have a lead magnet or free item for new subscribers. Try creating one specifically related to your event and promoting it. Be sure to let people know that it is specific to the event and will not be available elsewhere. This will get them to sign up sooner, rather than later. You could even add a special bonus for those who sign up before a specific date.

You can also make it a requirement of a contest that you’re holding to sign up for the email list. Without the sign up, they won’t get an entry in the contest. Check with Facebook’s latest policies to be sure your contest follows their regulations.

Finally, promote your email list at the end of the event. Let everyone know that they can sign up to stay informed of more useful content and events. While they can also get this information by following you on Facebook, you can offer discounts and special offers to help them choose email, as well as Facebook notifications.

How to Boost the Visibility of a Facebook Event

The more people in your event, the more email subscribers you can get. So it makes sense to boost the number of attendees. You can do this by:

         Promoting the event on your page. Don’t just leave it to hang out on your page, make sure you talk about it and direct people to the event.

         Ask people to invite their friends. Leave the settings open to encourage people to invite their friends who may be interested in the same thing. They can also share the event to boost attendance.

         Change your cover photo. On your business page, you can update your cover photo to promote the event. As soon as anyone arrives on your page, they’ll see what you are offering.

         Post consistently. Once you have people subscribed, stay on top of posting content to keep them involved.

         Cross-promote. Help other companies out by promoting their events or newsletters in exchange for a shout out of your event.

Be sure to engage your attendees. Post photos and messages daily to keep yourself at the forefront of their minds and their feeds. You should also interact as much as possible. When someone joins your page, leaves a message or promotes your event, give them a public shout out. You can even do this on their page. The thing is, when you mention someone with a link to their profile, their friends on the social media site will also see it.

Use Facebook events to grow your list. As part of your online marketing for small biz, the site can be invaluable in more ways that one. Building your list will ensure that you have ongoing access to your potential clients and can build up to sales.

Have you used Facebook Events? How did it work for you?


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