Sick of low conversion rates?

Wishing your subscribers would stop opening and then deleting your emails?

These tips from experts in the area of email marketing can help you drastically change your email conversion rates.

Segment That List

According to popular marketer Niel Patel, email segmentation is the key to boosting your conversions. He points out that your subscribers vary in interests and categories. By dividing them into specific email lists, you can tailor the messages directly to each target group.

The end result? A drastic increase in sales. Once someone has made a purchase, they are moved to a separate list of buyers, since they are likely to make a second purchase later on.

Email Dropped Customers

Many businesses send an email if someone has abandoned their cart, with products already placed in it, but what about those who have just browsed your site? Don’t let that interest go to waste!

Daniel Kohn of Mail Bakery suggests setting up an automated email that goes out to those subscribers who browse products on your site, but don’t actually purchase anything. This method, called browse abandonment email campaigns can drastically increase your conversion rates. After all, the people were already interested in your products.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Jamie Turner of 60 Second Marketer points out that you should watch your competitors to see what they’re doing. Subscribe to their emails and examine them to see what you like and dislike as a subscriber. Then implement the methods you feel would increase your own customer satisfaction.

Make Your Emails Interactive

According to AWeber’s blog, interactive content can boost conversion rates. While the autoresponder blog was referring to dynamic content and carousels that change when moused over or clicked, there are other ways interact with your readers, too.

Make sure you offer an email they can reply to. Then ask a question, request an opinion or look for help in some of your emails. You’ll be surprised at how many people write to your personally. When they do this, be sure to respond. This type of interactivity can result in a higher level of trust, which leads to more sales.

More Email Marketing Tips

If you’re serious about boosting your conversion rates, you should start with the welcome email. Remember that every level of your marketing campaign should breed trust and loyalty. Give your readers a reason to put their confidence in you. This can be done by providing useful, actionable information at every turn. You can offer a free bonus book, a webinar or just some handy advice in the email.

As you grow you list and more people continue down the funnel, don’t stop providing useful content and links.  Encourage your subscribers to share with friends and others who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Another excellent tip is to be human in your emails. Sure, you can write like a business, but that often comes off as cold and inhuman. Letting your readers know that there’s a real person behind the writing will give them more reason to like and follow you. Eventually, they’ll want to buy from you because they know and like you.

Email marketing is all about the conversions, but don’t forget to be human and interact with your readers from time to time. Segment those lists and follow the other expert tips to increase your return on investment and see an increase in sales.


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