Lead magnets are an essential part of email marketing, but what exactly should you create?

Every business is different. Your audience is not the same as every other audience out there, so your lead magnet must reflect this. What does your audience need? What is their pain point and what can you offer as a solution?

Once you know the topic, it’s time actually to create the lead magnet. You have quite a few options. Here are some of the most popular email marketing magnets you can design:

1 – Ebook/Report

The most traditional option is to provide a simple book that helps resolve the pain point your audience faces. A report is preferable to an ebook, because people want something short and sweet that will give them answers fast.

2 – Checklist

Can you give your audience a basic checklist to help them reach their goals? This is a nice, simple way to get those emails and works for any niche.

3 – Email Course

Offer a 3-, 5-, or 7-day email course, where information and daily assignments are provided. The course will need to solve a problem your audience faces if they’re going to have multiple emails from you.

4 – Video Course

Like the email course, a video course provides a new video lesson every day or every other day. Again, this needs to solve an issue that is being dealt with by your readers. They’ll sign up if you can solve their problem.

5 – Discount/Coupon

For some, offering a discount is the easiest way to get those sign ups. Who doesn’t want to save money?

6 – Template

Can you provide a template for something your clients need help with? Maybe they need to draft an email and just aren’t sure how to do it. Your template can provide direction and help them create the perfect ebook, Pinterest graphic, or just about anything else.

7 – Swipe File

Many email marketing and social marketing companies use this one. A swipe file is full of examples of whatever it is you do. For example, a writer might offer a swipe file of their best headlines and an email marketer may provide dozens of subject lines.

8 – Script

Does your audience need to call someone, talk to someone, or otherwise speak in an awkward situation? A script that tells them just what to say can be a big help.

9 – Worksheet

A worksheet provides your subscribers with a printable that they can fill out. This worksheet should ideally help them discover something or plan something that will help them. For example, a website worksheet would help readers develop their ideas and what they really want in a website.

10 – Webinar

Could you provide your audience with some useful tips in a webinar? Maybe you could interview an expert in your field. If you can offer a webinar with value, people will gladly hand over their emails.

11 – Calculator

If there is any math involved in what you do, turn it into a simple calculator that your audience must sign up to use. This could be anything from a mortgage calculator to one that helps you decide how much to save each month in order to reach a goal.

12 – Application

Can you develop (or pay someone to develop) an app that will solve a pain point for your audience? An app, even if it’s free, has high-perceived value, and people will be thrilled to trade their email address for it.

13 – Free Coaching/Consult

Depending on your niche, you may be able to offer a short coaching session or a consult to those who sign up with their email address.

14 – Calendar

Could your audience use a calendar that is tailored to their needs? A workout calendar or one that has specific marketing steps to take each day could be a bit hit. If you feel that daily steps could help your audience, this could be the ideal lead magnet.

15 – Toolkit

What tools do you use that would be ideal for your clients? Share them in an easy download or give people access to an “inner sanctum” page with all your favorite resources when they sign up with their email.


Email marketing begins by offering plenty of value. In today’s market, most people are wary of handing over their email addresses. They already have an inbox full of offers and newsletters, so you really need to stand out.